Eifel mountainbike adventure

After a relaxed day shopping and sightseeing the touristic village of Monschau, it’s time to hit the road… the dirt road of course. We treated ourselves with a local bike guide this time, since we have no idea about trails or routes in this region (yet). It’s Manfred from MTB Guide Eifel who is awaiting us at the reception of camping Perlenau. And soon after we checked-in on length and difficulty of the route, we are heading to our first climb.

Rurtal adventures

Easy paddling up, fast single trails down! Exploring the area with a guide comes with some advantages. First of all, it’s him knowing where the great trails are. A good mix of dirt roads up and single trails down alternate with traversing farm fields and challenging river crossing. We feel like being in a big playground, with many route options, stunning nature and panoramic views. It’s mid June and summer is on! The forest will not get any more green.

While enjoying nature to the fullest, we realise the region looked way different only one year ago.


During a break Manfred tells us about the flood of July 2021. Germany got hit hard. He shows us how high the water level in the valley has been. It seems surrealistic but we have seen the footage on TV. Disbelief disappears quickly and makes place for respect for those who work hard on the recovery of the flooded villages.

After 30 km, Manfred takes us back to Perlenau by following the cycle path along the Rur, which allows us to paddle back easily and enjoy the small typical villages we pass. We finish in Monschau and make it ourselves comfortabel at the terrace of a splendid bakery. We order a big piece of cake and some drinks, feeling 100% satisfied about this great day out in the forest!