While country borders of Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands meet, the forest crosses borders here. The hilly area is great for your next road bike adventure. Limburg will surprise you along the ride with wide stretched fields, farm houses and authentic villages. The hilly landscape offers a natural challenge up and a nice flow down. Grab your road bike and add Cauberg, Gulperberg, Keutenberg and Eyserbosweg to your bucket list to be ticked off soon. Because it’s worth it!

Four hills, one thing in common

Steep but short! That’s what you can expect while climbing up. With an ascent rate of 22%, it’s the Keutenberg being the shortest and steepest one. Stand up, push your paddles and conquer gravity. Having a good day? Add the Gulperberg and Eyserbosweg to your list. The top of the Gulperberg treats you well with great views. An easy to find little climb. Eyserbosweg is a different story, it’s a bit longer climb of which the start is just a small side road in the middle of the village Eys. Once you have found it, the houses in the street soon make place for plants and trees only. Finish your climb in the open space surrounded by farmer fields. On top at the crossing, at the one and only tree, it’s flat again. From here, you can choose four ways down.

Conquer the Cauberg, enjoy the hot springs

Finish off your Limburg road bike tour by riding the Cauberg. Make sure the finish of your ride is at the bottom of the Cauberg, in the centre of Valkenburg. Why? You eat the best local cake here, called “vlaai”. Extend your recovery time at the terrace with a local beer before you make your way up again. Because on top of the Cauberg it’s relaxing only, while you sit in the hot springs of Thermae 2000. Well deserved and a must do after a day of road biking in the region.

Left your bike at home? No problem!
Throughout the year, you can rent an (electric) bicycle from various rental companies.